Hamsa (Mano de Fatima)

Hamsa (Hand of Fatima)

Fatima's hand It is not precisely the hand of a virgin that bears the same name, it is a very powerful amulet in the shape of a flat hand with the fingers completely together and the little finger and thumb pointing outwards, with an eye in the center to stop evil.

Many cultures took this symbol as their own, especially the Arab and Jewish cultures. The hand of Fatima has different names in various cultures.

For example, in Arab countries they call it “Hamsa”, eye of Fatima, hand of Fatima, hand of the Hamsa, Jemisa and Khamsa, in India it is known as “Humsa”, the Jews call it “Hand of Miriam” in reference the sister of Moses and Aaron, for the Shiites the five people of the mantle (Muhammad, Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Hussein) and the Hindus call her “Abhaya”.

In the Hebrew and Muslim religions it represents the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet “Heh” and the five books of the Torah, that is, the first five books of the Bible, Genesis: the beginning, Exodus: names, Leviticus: and he called, Numbers: in the desert and Deuteronomy: words, things and laws.

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