¿Qué ocurre si se rompe?

What happens if it breaks?

The belief that a breaking or bursting Turkish eye has fulfilled its protective function is a cultural and symbolic interpretation associated with the amulet. Here are some common interpretations:

  1. Fulfillment of its Protective Function : Some people believe that when a Turkish eye is broken, it has absorbed and diverted the negative energy or evil eye that it was intended to protect. It is seen as a sacrifice of the amulet to protect the person who wore it.

  2. Sign of Strong Negative Energy Attack : Another interpretation is that the breaking of the Turkish eye indicates that you have faced a strong charge of negative energy or have been attacked by intense negative forces. The break symbolizes the amulet's resistance to these energies.

  3. Need for Replacement : The idea of ​​replacing the Turkish eye after it breaks relates to the need to maintain continuous protection. It is believed that the amulet has exhausted its protective capacity and therefore must be replaced with a new one to continue providing security.

  4. Discarding the Broken Amulet : Rather than attempting to repair a broken Turkish eye, the common belief is that it should be discarded appropriately. Throwing it away symbolizes releasing accumulated negative energy and making room for a new amulet.

It is important to keep in mind that these interpretations are part of the cultural and symbolic beliefs associated with the Turkish eye. Not all people share these beliefs, and some may view the amulet more pragmatically or simply as a decorative object. The choice to replace a broken Turkish eye or continue using it depends on individual beliefs and preferences.

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